High school sweethearts turned massage therapists help their clients balance physical and mental health

Entheos Health has served clients of the greater Vancouver area for over five years. Services include deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, MVA/PIP’s and more. 
Entheos Health’s massage therapists Kateri Smith and Corey Davidson. Credit: Jahlysa Azaret

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CLARK COUNTY – Kateri Smith and Corey Davidson are high school sweethearts who became massage therapists and started their own business in Vancouver, Entheos Health. Their interest in general wellness and holistic practices has led to over five years of helping their clients achieve self-care goals. 

Clients entering Entheos Health are welcomed by the woody fragrance of patchouli oil and are transported into a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Smith and Davidson have designed an immersive experience that goes beyond the physical.

“The mental aspect, the emotional aspect, all of it kind of wraps up into one,” Smith explained. “As much as you’re working on the physical things that you want to improve on there’s also some mental stuff that needs to go along with it.”

Ethenos Health fosters a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Credit: Jahlysa Azaret

Davidson and Smith want their clients to be sustainable in their effort to keep up with the goals they have set for themselves. Additionally, it is their belief that beginning self-care sooner than later is critical to the healing process and long term health. 

“The longer you wait to start doing it, the worse your body’s gonna feel as you age…so start taking care of things now and you’ll be thankful in the future.” Davidson stated.

Davidson and Smith encourage their clients to use massage therapy on a regular basis as opposed to special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Smith explains that Entheos Health is a great place for anyone, new or regular. 

“Health doesn’t really stop at any point. It’s ongoing…it’s always going to change. So just [be] able to stay with yourself and try new things.”

According to their website, Entheos Health provides a variety of services including deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, MVA/PIP’s and more. 

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